A National Blue Ribbon School Of Excellence


We are STREAM Certified (click here to view our video)!

Christ the King Catholic School is the first and only school in Florida to be STREAM Certified by the Florida Catholic Council, the governing body of Catholic schools in Florida and parts of Georgia. 

This prestigious honor was the result of five years of research, collaboration with experienced institutions such as Notre Dame and University of North Florida, creation of new faculty positions, unique hands-on teaching and learning by faculty and students and in-depth study and problem solving for a universal mission project.

STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Math. As a Catholic school, we ensure that our educational goals support our Christian duties. As such, we have dedicated our resources to the pursuit of 21st Century skills with moral values that are incorporated into everyday lessons.

The following are a very brief overview of our STREAM projects.

In addition to regular grade level science curriculum, a dedicated STEM teacher leads all grades, K-8, in weekly STEM projects in agriculture, ecology and engineering. We have several gardens that our students maintain, along with a unique outdoor classroom.

The state-of-the-art Media Center boasts a video production studio. Students take part in airing the morning and afternoon news shows. All classes perform projects on digital media. Middle School students have dedicated iPads with most curriculum being digital.

Middle school students spend several months researching and problem solving for a universal mission project. During the 2016/17 school year, students studied the lives of migrant farm workers, visited a farm, met with migrant workers and developed solutions for the problems faced by the workers. Not only did the students learn to appreciate the back breaking work involved in getting the food they eat to their tables, they also expressed empathy and support for the workers’ situations.

Watch the video highlighting the field trip to a Plant City strawberry farm.

In our new and one-of-a-kind engineering lab, all students will experience hands-on learning in mechanical, chemical, electrical, agricultural, and structural engineering. Both elementary and middle school uses curriculum developed by the Boston Museum of Science. This curriculum focuses on teaching students how to fix a problem.

The Arts provide an avenue for student creativity in solving problems. Whether it is designing musical instruments, contributing to a school wide, visual representation of the water cycle or promoting social justice through paintings, students enhance their understanding of STREAM through their participation in Fine Arts.

The middle school math teacher is a dedicated math specialist who leads small, level-appropriate classes and oversees math competitions.